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Blue Birch Capital Advisors Limited (BBCA) provides alternative investment research and consultancy to investment institutions and HNW clients for trading in the Futures, Equities and Forex markets by delivering objective-based advisory through automated signal generation and model portfolio construction and management.


Blue Birch Capital Advisors Limited utilizes Chronos Traders' AD26, AR16, AS27 and GO14 proprietary signal generators across multiple markets (Futures, Global Equities, Forex) for market timing. BBCA introduces its own stock selection and allocation techniques to achieve the targeted model portfolios for various exchanges traded instruments around the globe. All the strategies select trade entries and exits systematically but some has sentiment overlays. Strategy AD26 is a trend following strategy with per trade risk limited to 2.5% of the price. It focuses mainly on catching longer and larger trends but within multiple day moves rather than weeks. It performs best in a trending environment. AR16 is the short term momentum strategy that engages when markets are breaking out of a narrow range. It’s designed to identify the most optimal situations where momentum is about to burst out of its current trading range. AS27 on the other hand focuses on inflection points when markets have a high probability of reverting back to the mean. With a stop loss set at 2% the trade duration is usually short and targets are generally reached within 10 days. The strategy GO14 incorporates blend of mid terms cycles, sentiments analysis and market geometry to seek opportunities and optimal edge for entries. The duration of trades are usually 1 to 8 weeks and stop loss are set to 3% of capital with maximum position of 2 to 3 markets at any point in time.


On the back of some of these strategies BBCA offers Model Portfolio Research Reports with daily deliverable. Currently, BBCA focuses on 10 futures markets, including ICE and CME within it scope cobering Metals, Grains, FX, Energy and Indices. BBCA offers Chartbooks on various equity markets essentially on India, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, BBCA also offers technical consultancy on Time Series, Predictive Analytics and other Data Visualization techniques.


Investment Research and Managed Trading Solutions are to two stream by which services are rendered.

Our Team

Golam Sakline, ACSI

He is the Founding Director and the lead architect for strategies used at BBCA. He is also the principal shareholder of Chronos Traders Limited, which works on black box signal generator for Futures & Equity Markets. Prior to owning his business he spent 7 years as a banker in the City of London working for LGIM, BNP Paribas, Schroders and Northern Trust. He holds a research masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex UK, and is also an Associate at CISI.

Bruce Powers, CMT

He is an Independent Advisor to the firm with over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Most recently he was President of WideVision, a financial technology and IT solutions provider and online publisher of the Middle East financial portal, where he also served as Chief Technical Analyst. Bruce is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Co-chair and Co-founder of the Dubai Chapter of the Market Technicians Association. He holds an MBA in finance from the Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, U.S.A

Samir Saliba

He is a Business Development Advisor to the firm and comes with years of Wealth Management experience from CitiBank. He was also an Equities trader at T3 New York, before spending few years at Al Ramz Securities, Abu Dhabi as a Senior Trader.

David Brown

He is the outsourced IT Administrator dealing with day-to-day computing related issues for the firm. He holds a bachelor degree on Computer Science from the University of London and is also CCNA qualified.


Managed Solutions is our segregated Futures account management service under LPOA through Regulated Brokers or Institutions. The required minimum starting capital can be allocated to one or multiple strategies. The realised profits can be distributed or re-invested.

Commodities Indices FX
Product Focus 60% 20% 20%

High Water Mark Max Drawdown Threshold Margin-to-Equity
Yes 15% 10%

Notional Funding Performance Fee Management Fee
50% 20%-30% 0%-2%

Investment Style Legal Structure Minimum Investment
Pattern Based, Systematic Managed Accounts $250K

Blue Birch Capital Advisors preferred FCM is R.J. OBrien

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